F A Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I order the racking for my space and have my contractor install?

Yes. You can order the racking directly from Closet Wine Cellars. Just simply measure  your space (height, depth and width) and contact us for a price quote. We will ship our product directly to you.

Question: What size are the racks?

The standard size of the racks are 8 feet long, but can accommodate any height.

Question: How many racks should I order?

It depends on the space. We determine the amount needed based on the length, depth and width dimensions of the space. For your convenience, feel free to use our estimator software link.

Question: What materials are the racks made from?

We use a variety of woods. Please contact us for options.

Question: What spaces can you convert?

We can convert closets, walls, niches and any rooms.

Question: Do you offer cooling units, cellar doors?

We can recommend refrigeration based on your needs.

Question: Do you offer design and installation services?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

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